Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

At Davis Chiropractic, EMS is a common treatment we use to help our patients with:

  • Relief of discomfort and pain

  • Restoration of muscle tone

  • Rehabilitation of different part of the body

  • Reduction of muscle spasms

It’s our family’s goal to see you get relief from your pain. We want to see you living a full, active, and pain-free life! Dr. John uses EMS to help patients restore function, mobility, balance, and reduce pain. This treatment often occurs with your chiropractic adjustment.

How Electric Stimulation Works

Electric stimulation works by placing stick-on electrodes on the skin and using a special control unit to send currents to targeted muscle groups. The control unit, with its timer and adjustable intensity knob, creates the electric current. With the help of the lead wires and neurostimulation electrodes, the current is transmitted to the skin. Get ready for a unique experience as this therapeutic machine activates muscles and blocks pain signals.

How Electric Stimulation Feels

Most patients report a gentle tingling sensation. It is normal for this to last for up to 30 minutes after the therapy session.