What to Expect on your first vist

At Davis Chiropractic, your comfort is our priority! While our waiting room might feel welcoming and comfortable, you will not be there long. We pride ourselves on being prompt and getting our patients seen with little to no wait-time. We know that starting new treatments can often be intimidating. We hope that with some knowledge of what your first visit will look like, your anxieties can be calmed. We look forward to helping you find the relief you’ve been seeking!

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect during your first appointment at Davis Chiropractic:

Patient History & Symptoms

Before your visit, you will complete forms, giving us more information about your medical history, symptoms, and pain levels. You will answer questions like:

  • What caused the pain/when did it start?

  • What is the duration of this pain?

  • Is this symptom a result of some injury?

  • What movement or activities make it worse/better?

You will also be asked about a brief medical history, pre-existing conditions and injuries, and previous and current treatments.

By learning more about you, we will have a better plan for treating your pain and symptoms!

Chiropractic Exam (do yall do x-rays on all new patients?)

Before your first examination, Dr. Davis will sit and talk with you about your concerns. At this point, he will most likely ask you to elaborate on the answers from your new patient form. Dr. Davis will look at your spinal alignment, do a posture analysis and may ask you to move around in order to evaluate the way your body responds to certain movements and positions.

Next comes your first adjustment! Dr. Davis will proceed to make adjustments to your neck, spine, and other parts of your structure that are misaligned. We love to tell our patients what is happening during the adjustment process…knowledge is powerful!

It is important to us that you are comfortable during this time. Please don’t be afraid to ask questions about your treatment, and to speak up if you have any concerns!


Upon completion of your first adjustment, Dr. Davis may recommend one of our many therapies. This can include:

Additionally, Dr. Davis may include supplemental therapy to help your body receive the nutrients it needs to heal. This may include:

If you have any questions about any of these supplements, just ask Kari!